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Communications and Lease Terms

Communication with Leaseholders

As communication is at the core of our service, we are diligent in keeping contact details up to date for all leaseholders at every property and development that we manage. This ensures that important  documents such as service charge and ground rent demands, AGM calling Notices, Section 20 Notices etc are received promptly by the leaseholder.

We also keep details of tenants and/or agents at hand for any leaseholder that is not resident at the property to ensure we have an immediate point of contact for any urgent issues that may arise, be they legal, contractual or involving the structure of the property.

It is equally important us to have regular conversation with residents and write to them regularly to inform them of any issues in the building, or to ask for their co-operation in keeping communal and outside areas tidy and reporting any building issues. Similarly, residents need to get in touch with us they can reach us via email, telephone or via our website.

Communication with Decision Makers

We strive to build trusted and successful relationships with the decision makers in all the properties that we manage.

Whether conversations happen over email or at face to face meetings, we use every opportunity to get to know our clients and to update them on important and, crucially, relevant points concerning their properties and the management process.  We always work to make these as accessible for our clients so are always willing to travel, arrange evening or Saturday meetings, and agree a meeting agenda in advance to ensure that every minute is valuable. We will always ensure that relevant documents and reports are shared, both in advance or after the meeting, along with thorough minutes and actions.

Lease Terms and Covenants

The lease is the document that informs everything we do. It sets out the rights and responsibilities of the freeholder, the leaseholder, and often a management company as well.

We will refer to the lease to guide us in every decision we make, and suggestion we present to the client. Occasionally, the actions of leaseholders and residents might be in conflict with the terms of the lease. This could encompass a variety of incidents, from making noise late at night to placing a ‘To Let’ board in restricted areas. In cases such as this, we work proactively on our clients’ behalf to resolve the issue with the residents or leaseholders involved

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